Sleep Like Monk.

Meet Monk.  Thelonious if you’re nasty.  This is my cat.  You can learn a lot from a cat.  Well, maybe not.  But you can learn some things from this cat.  In many ways he carries on like many other cats.  He plays.  He kills things.  He fucks with stuff.  His affinity for being an asshole seems to track with his species.  Although, I have never seen an animal sleep the way Monk does.  He sleeps with a level of arrogance that would make a prize fighter blush.  The wide open poses he strikes while sleeping, border on exhibitionism.  It seems so peaceful. There is a confidence with which this cat carries himself that I am somewhat envious.  I am committed to carry some of this with me on my day.  While I pinball from rising social discomfort to dips in self esteem, I will think of Monk.

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